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Gaming Consoles are they really that bad?

Many years ago when I was free and single I had a PlayStation, yes a PlayStation 1, and loved playing the computer games of the moment.Then I met my ex and stopped, yeah I know I gave up something I loved for a man, it wasn’t the only thing I gave up for him and look back and feel stupid for doing so, but that’s a whole different story!
Any way let’s get back to this one, so now divorced and moving on with my life, I have been trying to find myself again and one thing I missed was playing computer games, so with the advantage of Cyber Monday last year I got myself a bargain of a PS4 and Star Wars Battlefront 2.I was so excited.Also I had had numerous conversations with my son last year, as he wanted to get a gaming console as everyone he knew at school had one and was feeling left out.So as well as this being something to get my mojo back, I hoped it would help out my son too.
Now I know you are all probably aware of all the headlines over the last few months, especially with how pop…
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Loving your own company

Having been divorced now for two years and separated for even longer, after all these years I have got used to doing stuff by myself and having times alone.  I still have quality time with my son and these are moments that I will treasure but trying to juggle a full time job and being a mum I do like times when it's just me.  If I didn't have these days I think I'd be totally frazzled.  It also gives me time to go out with my friends either a cocktail night or a coffee.  But then I have my days at home and have to say I do love my writing and yes I love cleaning, but then again I wonder if I do this to keep busy so I don't feel as lonely?
Being an only child, I do love having time to myself.  Sometimes after a very busy week at work, just having time in my lovely home, is just what I need.  But then I have moments when I wish I had that someone next to me when I go places and just to have someone to hold my hand.  I notice it more when I go out, I like to go places and …

Life is a bit busy - but I like it.

Sorry I haven't posted for a few months but I have been busy working on my next project and editing it.  I am very excited about it and think I could even make a series of books!!! Also having made the edits on my second novel, Quest for the Stone, I am trying agents again, so you never know, fingers crossed!

I am also thinking at looking at past projects, the two novels I finished a few years back, which still haven't been published, the second one I mentioned above I am trying with agents.  After the nice comments from agents for the Fight for a Kingdom, I have taken some of their advice on-board to see if I can make it into two books, as the main hero does have a number of adventures before he meets the heroine, I just never put them in the novel, so now it could be two books, book one about the hero and book two about the heroine and them meeting.  Still early stages yet but will see where it takes me.

So I'm a busy bee at the moment and with general life on the up, I …

Disaster dates

So as you know since becoming single again, I have tried dating sites and thought I would let you into some of my experiences on them. Well, there are a few but after the last post about photos I thought I would let you into one of my disaster dates, and yes I had a few! 

Let's see;

I have been stood update cancelled less than an hour before after I had left work early and was getting ready,met a couple of men with very bad hygiene (I almost needed a hazmat suit for one!),them not making any effort at all to make a good first impression,more interested in a woman sitting at the next table,to just knowing you weren’t going to get along.

So with all these dating sites, you have to go by the information in their profile and pictures that they upload, see last post, and by the messages, you get from the men who view your profile to see if you will get along. 

So I am tall, 5ft 7in, and like heels so prefer a man to be of a certain height, they don’t have to be taller than me when I am in …

Dating sites - Photo no nos!

Well, from my last post, you know that I have been on dating sites.  One thing with these sites is the photos.  It is how you select and decide to chat with people a little superficial in some ways but at least its a start.  Hell, you could start chatting with the most handsome man on there but if the conversation is one way or empty its time to move on.  Then someone you aren't that sure of can be the best choice ever. But oh my word, I think I should set up a company of how to take photos for dating sites.  My best friend has also ventured into the digital world of dating and yep even on her site, some have no clue.  She had one where he’d taken a pic of himself in boxers but was wearing white socks, yep white socks!!  What a disaster, she commented on it and a few seconds later the photo had been cropped and white socks went.
My experiences with photos on dating sites, well where do you start.  Well let’s give you a list:

Selfies up their nostrils (no I don't want to see no…

Trying to start again

Since splitting from my husband I had been in a state of limbo.  I went through the shock and tears and the horrendous despair of losing the man I loved.  I then started to emerge from the grief, yes that is what it feels like, the loss of a relationship does feel like a death.  Part of you yearns for the past, the default setting when you felt safe.  But slowly over time, I knew that that was the wrong thing to do.  So I decided I needed to move on.  I am still friendly with him, for our son’s sake but as far as us, we both know that it's over.
So what next?  I am loving having my independence and living on my own, in my very own place.  But I still missed that something.  I love being a mum and would never change that but I am also a woman and I wanted something more in my life.  Hell, you can do a lot on your own, but having a hand to hold or someone to share things with just makes it nicer somehow.  So what can a single woman with a child and a busy work life do to meet someo…

That spark of imagination from a galaxy far, far away

I was very shocked with the death of Carrie Fisher over Christmas.I was actually surprised how shocked I was, I have never met her and seen a few of her films but I am a huge Star Wars fan.Princess Leia isn’t her, but she gave her life and put apart of herself into the character.But even so, being a big fan of the films I was still surprised.I read her latest book and got to know her a little more, and it felt so poignant with her death, and realised how insecure she was when she made the original film, yet portrayed such a strong female character.
I realised, she influenced my writing.It was her as Princess Leia, and how much that film and her influenced me.I was about 6 or 7 when I saw Star Wars and it changed my life, it influenced me in so many ways. It gave me the interest in Sci-fi, I had always been interested in space but this really influenced me.No I haven’t grown up to become an astronaut, or become a Princess in a galaxy far, far away, but it made me want to write.Not just …